The Carroll Cox Show
The Carroll Cox Show

The Carroll Cox Show - 04/06/14

    Carroll points out the DHHL's policy of leasing land to companies owned by people who are not native Hawaiian, then allowing those companies to dump on and pollute the land while not paying for their leases.    We've already talked about PASHA and Road & Highway Builders.     Another example is FCS, Inc. owned by Floyd Carns.  After complaints were made,  allegedly FCS, Inc. picked up a toxic chemical, calcium hydroxide, from Road & Highway Builders for disposal.   However, now it is illegally dumped on FCS property, also leased from DHHL.    It is reported FCS is also behind on their lease payments, and they did not have insurance for a 6-month period in 2012.  When questioned about the status of FCS's leases and violations, DHHL said FCS was in "holdover" status.  Allegedly,  Carns also has a residence on the property.  Why aren't native Hawaiians, such as George Grace, given leases, granted "holdover" status or given the same treatment for their businesses?    Instead, we are finding native Hawaiians are ignored and harassed when they try to get leases.   They are not being given places to live, as promised, and when they finally receive a home, it is defective.   Why is DHHL allowing their land to be so heavily abused?

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The Carroll Cox Show - 04/13/14

Carroll provides more information on calcium hydroxide dumped on Hawaiian Home Lands property in Kalaeloa (as reported on last week's show).   This story, along with recent stories of oily sludge seepage on state land in Halawa, dredged sludge from Hawaii Kai dumped in Waianae,  molasses in the harbor, and so many other illegal dumps and spills reported in the past,  once again illustrates problems at the Department of Health and other government agencies.   When a complaint is filed it appears the next step at the DOH is to go into damage control to protect political entities instead of correcting the real problem.   This is corruption at its finest, from our mayor and governor, to DHHL, to our local and national leaders, and on down the line.   

In this case, DOH authorized Floyd Carns of FCS, Inc.  to clean up the calcium hydroxide dumped on DHHL land.  In addition, DHHL indicated Matt Mooney of  Road and Highway Builders, where the material originally came from, had also directed Carns to do the clean up.     Carms  submitted a plan to DOH, and they approved it, but Road and Highway Builders, DHHL and DOH were not at the site to supervise the actual clean up, leaving it in Carns' hands to do what the state had authorized him to do.   We have to wonder, how could DOH authorize a plan that did not include containment of dust generated by the process, and why weren't DOH, DHHL and Road and Highway Builders at the site during the cleanup?  Were they hiding behind the scene?

When we asked the Department of Health about the calcium hydroxide, they repeatedly told us they were sampling the material to determine if it was toxic.   However, we have since learned that two weeks ago, on April 4, 2014, they received clearance to place the material in the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill.   So, for two weeks they lied to us about testing and the disposition of the material while all along they knew they had authorized and cleared it to go to the landfill.   

It appears the Department of Health and the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands are once again attempting to protect Road and Highway Builders.  Was Floyd Carns the scapegoat for DOH, DHHL and Road and Highway Builders?   Everything about this operation was wrong.    However, as we now know, it was just business as usual for the DoH and DHHL.  

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The Carroll Cox Show - 03/30/14

    Carroll provides more information about the many Red Hill Fuel Tank spills that occurred since 1945.  During the legislative  "hearing" we were told  a total of 1.2 million gallons was spilled.  Carroll pulled additional records and found that 1.3 million gallons were spilled on  just one occasion.    Then, on a tip, Carroll went to Halawa where he found patches of a tar-like substance bubbling up from the ground.   The Department of Health documented the site back in 2003, saying it wasn't toxic, and nothing was ever done.  Why? The DOH says the source was something released in 1968, and  was probably spillage from a roofing job.    But, this does not make sense.    How would spilling from a rooftop get under a parking lot?      And, how much was spilled if this much is bubbling up?   Even the roofing company said it was not possible, and that it was most likely coming from a source underground.   The Navy owned the property until 1968. Then the Navy's buildings were demolished and the property turned over to the state.    The site was designated as a FUD site, (Formerly Used for Defense), but the Army Corp of Engineers has not acknowledge the fact.  Are they attempting a coverup?.    Once again, this is a military facility having an adverse impact on the environment, and particularly on a site located directly over a major aquafier serving a large portion of Oahu.

    To make matters worse, Carroll found documents talking about a pit in Halawa where the Department of Agriculture buried Malathion, DDT and other pesticides of  an unknown quantity,.     The EPA documented the site in 1983 and statements were made to the affect that the waste "does not present a problem at the present time".      Other documents discuss a 25,000 square foot pit in Ewa Beach where the Brewer Chemical Company disposed  their pesticide waste.    Is our drinking water really as safe as they say?

    Callers talk about the many alien species brought into Hawaii.  Carroll provides some background to the situation, including what the Department of Agriculture and Department of Land and Natural Resources were doing back in 1990 when he served as a Special Agent for the Fish and Wildlife Service.    

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The Carroll Cox Show - 03/23/14

      Carroll talks about Councilwoman Kymberly Pine's  proposal of  Resolution 14-54 to waive back taxes on real property owed by the Nanakuli Hawaiian Homestead Community Association (NHHCA).  They are a nonprofit organization that may qualify for exemption from real property tax, but they are delinquent and did not file the necessary paperwork.   They now owe over $60,000 in taxes, dating back to 2007.   Should their taxes be waived?  Is some of their property being used for non-exempt activity?  Are special favors being granted?  

      Next Carroll talks about unfair practices and other issues with leasing, or trying to lease land from the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands.    Just more examples of the dysfunctional DHHL.    In one case a lease is being delayed by DHHL's tactic of questioning the lesee's  "character" on behalf of others.   Meanwhile other lesees, reportedly with illegal activities on their property, get favors. There are even reports of underhanded payments to land agents.    Special deals, lost paperwork and harassment show that, even though DHHL's name is "Hawaiian" it does not mean they take care of Hawaiians.   Why isn't there oversight on the federal level?   Corruption is running rampant and Carroll gives examples.

      Some good news, and progress being made.   The Attorney General ruled DHHL and DOH must release documents relating to the illegal septic tanks built on  DHHL property on the Big Island  (see our shows of 3/9 and 3/16/14).  However, DHHL is asking the legislature to pass bills that will exempt them releasing public records in the future.   We all know why that is a bad idea.  

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The Carroll Cox Show - 03/16/14

    Carroll brings us up to date on past stories, but first he talks about the process to appoint Mr. Michael D. Wilson to the position of Associate Justice of the Hawaii Supreme Court.  Questions have been raised, including a story about a complaint by a Miss Universe contestant and her chaperone back in 1998.  However, there is no documentation because, at the time he was Chairman of DLNR so the situation was covered up.   Allegedly other women have complained about past actions, but since nothing is documented, nothing can be done.   So it goes....


    Next subject is the situation with trash pickup, broken trucks, bulky items and inspectors, wasted money and taxes.   There is no efficiency in state and city agencies.  Maybe Mayor Caldwell and Governor Abercrombie should clean up all the waste and mismanagement instead of raising our taxes and fees.


    Carroll then talks about the hearing regarding the Red Hill fuel leak, which turned out to be nothing more than a sales pitch for the Navy.   In spite of hundreds of pages of documents showing past spills, both large and small,  the hearing was a dog and pony show, and all politics.    Carroll compares Red Hill  to what happened at Camp LeJuene, where many people were sickened and dying because of water contamination on that base.    A concerned caller contributes details about the Red Hill Tank Facility she found online.  Carroll then talks about medical waste flowing into the ocean from the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill during a big rainstorm, how the  Department of Health handled the situation, and maybe why we should not trust the DOH under any circumstance.  Listen to our 2/16/14 show and our 2/23/14 show for more information.


    As reported during last week's show, the Department of Health is also involved with a case of faulty septic tanks at the Lalamilo development on the Big Island by shielding the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands from prosecution  and not enforcing the law. Although the tanks are illegal and nonconforming, and DOH has known that for several years,  the tanks have not been replaced by the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands.    Why hasn't DOH prosecuted DHHL for the illegal tanks? One of the homeowners, Leonard Low,  finally sued, as a last resort, to get something done,.  Now he is being harassed  by DOH and DHHL.  Carroll provides additional information about the situation.

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The Carroll Cox Show - 03/09/14

    Carroll's guests are Mr. Leonard Low and his attorney, Mr. Paul Herran.   They discuss public health and safety issues with Mr. Low's, and other resident's,  Individual Wastewater Systems (IWS) installed at the Department of Hawaiian Home Land's Lalamilo community in Kamuela, Hawaii. Lalamilo is a beautiful DHHL community built a few years ago on the Big Island.     An  IWS is the septic tank system built on each of the properties.   Mr. Low, and at least 17 other residents of the Lalamilo community, have systems installed too close to their homes, and with inadequately sized seepage pits that are much smaller than the law allows.   (In a letter dated January, 2012, DOH said, "We are concerned with the sizing of the seepage pit because it doesn't meet chapter 11-62 requirements.")   

    The systems were originally approved in 2009, but then, after complaints and an inspection by the State Department of Health,approval was revoked because the systems were both inadequate and illegal.    Even though notices were sent to DHHL to have the systems relocated and rebuilt to specs, and promises were made, nothing has  been done.   The DHHL and DoH are working against the people, spending their time making excuses and not taking care of the real problem.     Mr. Low moved into his home in 2011.   After several years of discussion, he is now suing the DHHL and DoH to get the work done.     Among other excuses, in order to get the work done the DHHL says Mr. Low must withdraw his suit, filed in February, 2013, and waive his rights to attorney fees and damages incurred, even though he was told by the state the system was illegal.

    It is shocking (or maybe it is business as usual)  that two agencies, tasked with working for the benefit of the people, are trying so hard to work against the people and are are even breaking the law.   This is not how our government is supposed to work.   A caller notes;  "the government acts as if 'its your fault' if you have problems."

    Uncle Joe Tassill, DHHL Commissioner, calls in to say how shocked he is by the situation.     Yesterday Carroll visted the area and took in, first hand, the smells emitted by several of the wasterwater systems.    He is now asking listeners to contact Governor Abercrombie  about the abuse and environmental injustice experienced by the homeowners of Lalamilo.

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The Carroll Cox Show - 03/02/14

    Carroll's guests today are Tony Locricchio, attorney for the Kahuku Plantation Residents Association (KPRA), and a few members of the association.    They are asking for historical preservation of their plantation homes as a representation of Hawaii's culture.   A Florida company, Continental Pacific, bought the land during Mufi Hannemann's administration.  They tell us, at the time of the deal, Hannemann and Continental Pacific said they wanted to preserve and enhance the area but, because Continental Pacific is not making the profit they expected, they are not doing what they promised (more broken promises by Mayor Hannemann).  Kahuku is the last area with a plantation identify, and its historical preservation should be a matter of concern to all of us.  

    Carroll's guests also tell us the many ways they are being harassed to push them into giving up their homes.    It should also be pointed out that there are many conflicts of interest involved, particularly with Mr. Lex Smith, legal representative for Continental Pacific.  During his administration Mufi Hannemann made Smith chairman of the Ethics Commission.   Smith later resigned when the public found out about that particular conflict of interest.   Smith has also managed Hannemann's, and now Kirk Caldwell's mayoral campaigns.

    A bigger issue, Tony Locricchio tells us about a 100-page letter attacking the KPRA case, written by Lex Smith to Judge Richardson.   The judge passed it on, secretly,  to the other judges hearing the eviction cases, but Locricchio was not given a copy.     All of the judges ruled against KPRA, but did not say anything about Smith's "secret" letter.   In a letter to Locricchio, written by the Judiciary System on behalf of Judge Richardson, dated 1/27/14,  it was noted the passing around of the letter to other judges was a "usual practice" of the courts.   Locricchio tells us, all contacts between attorneys and judges must be revealed to the other side. This practice is "backdoor, ex parte communication between judges",  and should not be allowed.     The fact that it is may effect other past and present cases in the court system. 

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The Carroll Cox Show - 02/23/14

    Carroll  continues his discussion about the Red Hill Fuel Tank Facility's fuel leaks, giving specifics about past spills and the Red Hill Oily Waste Disposal Pit documented in materials he obtained from the Hawaii State Department of Health.    He reads from documents talking about an oily waste disposal pit used to contain spillage, rinse water and bottom sludge from cleaning the twenty 12.6 million gallon fuel tanks at Red Hill.   The pit was unlined from 1943 to 1948.  A new pit was built and lined with asphalt in 1972, and used until 1986.    Documents tell us oily water and sludge from the pit entered South Halawa Stream, which flows directly  into Pearl Harbor.    Documents also say, It is not clear what happened to the waste from 1948 until 1972.  However, there was indication that some waste was dumped into the grass.

    Is that why Pearl Harbor is so polluted we cannot  eat the fish and shellfish?     What is in the aquifer?

    Go to today's show on for more information and pictures.

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The Carroll Cox Show - 02/16/14

    Carroll provides more information  obtained from documents he  recovered regarding recent and past fuel leaks at the Red Hill tank facility.    During his research he learned the State Department of Health and the military have been covering up the number and size of leaks that have occurred over the past 60 years.    The state is required to notify the public about chemicals found in water even though they may not provide a health risk.   They did not do this.    One response was that the facility was secret.    That may have been true 50 years ago, but everyone knows about it, and some have even taken tours of the facility in recent years.     State Senator Mike Gabbard and Representative Chris Lee have called for a hearing, scheduled 3/7/14, at 1 p.m., State Capitol Room 329.   Please contact them if you have questions or comments for the hearing.

    Link here to questions Carroll sent to the State Department of Health.    They indicated they would provide answers next week.

    Note:   Carroll provided many of the documents he recovered to the StarAdvertiser.   They used the documents for their front page story   "Fuel leaked dozens of times over 6 decades, Navy says".  on Sunday, February 9.

    Carroll also provides more information about radiation on trash trucks discussed on our 1/5/14 show.    Radiation detectors were installed on trucks from 2000 to 2006, but are not working.  They were discontinued in 2007.    Link here to a letter  from the City Dept. of Facility Maintenance,  dated 1/28/14.    Another example of lack of protection for the people.

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The Carroll Cox Show - 02/09/14

    Carroll's guests are James Rivers - International VP BCTGM for the 4th Region where the Memphis Lockout is taking place,  and Earle Earley - Local VP of local 252G, the local representing the workers locked out at the Memphis cereal plant.  They continue the discussion of Kellogg's Memphis Production Facility's lockout of employees over the proposed two-tier employee system.  They tell us, this is an attack on the middle class, as Kellogg proposes to lower wages, hours, healthcare and other compensation for future employees. They also tell us bargaining in Memphis is illegal in this forum because their are many more plants involved in other cities.

    Mr. Earley has been with Kellogg  over 25 years.  He tells us how Kellogg used to be as a family oriented company but has now transitioned into a profit at all costs operation.    This is happening at many large companies, and  it is how the middle class is being cut out of America. 

    Mr. Rivers discuss the issues related to the lockout, community support, the letter just recently sent from the Congressional Progressive Caucus, work with the new community coalition COPPER and asistance from civil rights and religious community leaders here in Memphis and why the fight by these workers is a fight for the protection of all working people in Memphis and across the country.  

    Joyce Griffin, a Kaiser Hospital worker and elected leader of the Local 5 board,  calls in to share information about similar actions being taken against employees by management at Kaiser.   Among other things, Kaiser is laying off workers, and now they want to take employee pensions and move them to 401k plans.    It should be noted,  as a nonprofit company they made over two billion in profit last year, and like Kellogg, they give millions to the CEOs.  

    All agree, they are fighting for the future workers, and those workers are their children. 

      The second hour Carroll starts a discussion about the Red Hill fuel leak, which he will continue next week.  Carroll conducted his own research  after the most recent spill in January.   He then provided the documents to the StarAdvertiser that they used for their front page story on Sunday, 2/9/14 entitled:   "Fuel leaked dozens of times over 6 decades, Navy says".     Carroll tells us the military is covering up the number and size of leaks that have occurred over the past 60 years.   A caller tells us about the antiquated system used to measure water quality in Hawaii.     What are we drinking?    Read the story and call your legislators, then listen and participate next week as we discuss the problem in detail.

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